czwartek, 9 stycznia 2014

Hello World :)

So, here I am. Simple girl from Szczecin, who does funny things in her free time.
All of this 'madness' had begun, when I wanted to give headband with butterfly as a birthday present to my fiancee's niece.
I was looking all over the Internets, but I couldn't find anything, what I imagined. So, I decided to do this myself.

First version wasn’t that great for the headband. It was too heavy.
But it makes cute brooch :)

Finally, I've come to that:
Soo, as the gift was a success, I've decided, that I will try do another thing.
I had some space polyester fabric, and I thought, that it will be fun, to try some techniques I've looked up on Youtube.
Here's the first batch of many brooches I've made so far.
As you maybe have noticed, I always have a little help from my cat, Samba :)
Brooches and head bands are the things I'm working on now.
Hope, I will show you them soon.

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